Best Brunch Spots in Charleston

There’s something about brunch and Charleston that just goes together. No matter what kind of bruncher you are, I’ve rounded up five of the best brunches in Charleston.

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Getaway Guide: 48 Hours in Amelia Island

For Erik’s birthday, we took a weekend trip to Amelia Island and absolutely fell in LOVE with it! It’s a total hidden gem and is a perfect weekend getaway for folks that live in Charleston.

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Charleston Creatives: Abstract Artist Lauren Neville

From the vibrant colors of Rainbow Row to the gorgeous beach views, there’s plenty of inspiration in Charleston. I got together with Lauren Neville to ask about her experience as a Charleston artist and her Charleston recommendations.

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Styling Bookshelves: The Ultimate How-To Guide

If you’ve ever tried to get those magazine-worthy shelves, find the perfect spines for your book stack, or wondered how many vases on one shelf is too many, I’m hoping these tips for styling bookshelves will help you out a bit!

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