17 Best Beach Coolers in 2022

July 8, 2022

Whether you plan to spend a few hours at the beach or unwind for the whole day, a well-insulated and stocked beach cooler is absolutely essential for every beach trip. Beach coolers are now available in a wide range of price points and designs, with some premium coolers advertising that they can keep food and drinks cold for days. Here’s to never worring about warm beach beer again!

Best Heavy Duty Cooler with Wheels:

IGLOO Trailmate Journey 70 Qt Cooler | This cooler has all the bells and whistles. This baby has oversized wheels to tackle the sand, two bottle openers attached to it, a pullout tray for food & drink, two umbrella holders (or fishing rod holders), and the capacity to hold 112 cans. The pullout butler tray is perfect for entertaining and giving you a flat surface to work with on the sandy beach!

YETI Tundra Haul | The handle and wheels on the Yeti Tundra Haul are the best I’ve seen. This beach cooler feels like you can roll it across anything without the handle straining or bending, or the wheels breaking. It is very expensive but when you’re choosing a wheeled model, it’s worth paying for hardware that won’t break or strain under heavy loads. YETI is one of the biggest names in the cooler game, and for good reason. Their solid construction and serious insulation make for a powerhouse of a cooler, whether you’re using it to keep drinks cool for a beach day, go camping, or store the day’s catch. The brand’s signature insulation system combines thick walls, interlocking lids, and Permafrost™ insulation to keep the cold in despite the hottest days the Lowcountry heat can throw at you!

ROVR RollR 45 Cooler | The wheels are puncture proof and can handle many different types of terrain, including sand. It can hold up to 60 cans and 10 pounds of ice that will last up to 2 weeks. It can even be towed behind a bike. It’ll retain ice for up to 10 days, holds 60 cans and 10 lbs of ice, and comes with deep freeze and wagon bins. You get all the benefits of ROVR’s bigger models, but in a smaller package, making this a powerful cooler choice if space is tight.

Budget-Friendly Choice: 

Coleman Portable Cooler with Wheels Xtreme | By far the best bang for your buck! This cooler is only $70 and holds up to 95 cans. The insulation on this cooler promises to keep ice for up to 5 days, withstanding heat up to 95º! The heavy-duty wheels that can’t deflate make pulling the cooler over any terrain easy. A lid that’s durable enough to sit on and is also equipped with handles makes this cooler a multi-functional performer, at a price that can’t be beat!

Best Soft-Sided Beach Coolers

YETI Hopper Flip 12 Portable Soft Cooler | When it comes to staying cool, nobody does it better than YETI. This cooler, while soft-sided and small, is still a top contender for coolers! The cooler holds up to 12 cans (with a 2:1 ice to beer ratio) and has a durable shell that means it can stand up to whatever activities your day brings. A waterproof zipper and performance fabric that stands up to UV rays makes this cooler truly an investment piece you can trust. With tons of colors to choose from, a comfortable carrying strap, and exterior straps to attach other accessories to, the YETI Hopper Flip 12 Portable Soft Cooler is a great choice for a portable, soft-sided beach cooler!

HYDRO FLASK 26L Day Escape Soft Cooler ToteIf you’re looking for a cooler that breaks the mold, this one certainly fits the bill! Ditch the dated, expected cooler design and opt for this easy-to-carry tote bag design that doesn’t compromise on function. Simultaneously durable and lightweight, the HYDRO FLASK soft cooler tote boasts up to 36 hours of insulation. Leakproof fabric and zipper as well as the option to carry the cooler with shoulder straps or a longer cross-body strap elevate the cooler’s performance!

Budget-Friendly Choice: 

Igloo Reactor Portable 24-Can Soft-Sided Insulated CoolerIn addition to having an edge over the other coolers in this category due to its lower price point, the Igloo Reactor cooler also has padded shoulder straps that allow you to carry the cooler like a backpack, freeing up your hands to wrangle kids, beach chairs, or free to snap that perfect beach sunset pic! Advanced insulation promises to keep the cooler’s contents cold for up to 2 days, and the cooler itself is entirely water- and leak-proof, with a leak-proof zipper and liner and waterproof exterior. Holding up to 24 cans, the cooler is slightly bigger than some of the other coolers in the list, but its design is more vertical, meaning you might have to dig for that last can.

Best Backpack Beach Coolers 

The backpack cooler is my personal favorite and what we always use for our beach trips. It is usually just me and Harper so the size is perfect and Harper can usually put the backpack on and carry it for me! If you know your trip to the beach is a trek and you’ll be carrying lots of bags and other equipment, a backpack cooler is the way to go. These are some of my favorite beach coolers that come in an easy-to-transport backpack style!

YETI M20 Backpack Soft Cooler | I own this cooler and I adore it. The clever design of this backpack cooler sets it apart from the competition and it holds a lot for a backpack cooler. It is expensive (Erik got it for my birthday present) but if you want to invest in a cooler that will essentially last forever, this is it. Without anything in it, the cooler weighs 5 pounds. When packing it, it’ll fit 20 cans with a 2:1 beer-to-ice ratio. Everything from the TPU-laminated nylon, which makes it waterproof and tough as nails, to the bar tack stitching (that is, zigzag stitching reinforcing the shoulder straps, which increases the bag’s integrity under weight) is designed to ensure that this bag will last for years through some of the toughest conditions you’ll encounter. Of course, the interior is insulated by closed-cell foam and secured with a magnetic rolltop lid.

Corkcicle Eola Bucket Bag | The Corkcicle Eola bag combines incredible function with style! The bucket bag design means you can carry up to eight cans and two bottles of wine comfortably on your back or throw the bag over your shoulder! A leader in wine accessories, I appreciate that Corkcicle has considered the wine-drinkers as well in the development of their cooler! A rear accessory pocket can hold your bottle opener. From a style perspective, choose from a variety of cute and trendy colors, and exterior in either vegan leather or neoprene!

Igloo Luxe® Dual Compartment Backpack : I own this one and I LOVE it! Instead of trying to lug a bulky cooler through the sand, throw on a lightweight cooler backpack! I love this faux-leather Igloo Luxe Backpack. It is my favorite color combo and it is functional and easy to carry (hands-free!). With a soft vegan leather exterior, you get a high-end look without the high-end price. Y’all know I also love the gold hardware accents and gold-colored interior liner! Advanced MaxCold™ insulation — designed into the main and lower compartments — keeps drinks and food colder for longer. Use ice packs for an easy cool without worrying about leaking. Shop HERE! 

RTIC Soft Pack Sling Cooler | This sling cooler is a sleek and functional cooler option. With just one padded strap, it’s perfect for slinging over your shoulder on the go, as the name suggests. The cooler holds up to 15 cans plus ice. Welded seams and serious insulation will keep your food and drinks cold, and your back wet with water- and leak-proof construction.

Budget-Friendly Choice: 

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 24 Can Backpack Cooler | Only $45 on Amazon, this backpack cooler both looks and plays the part! Titan Deep Freeze high-performance insulation with a heat barrier and triple-layer base keeps ice up to 2 days. The leak-proof lining is also treated with Microban to help protect against odors and stains, as well as making the cooler easier to clean! On the outside, you might not even know this backpack was a cooler, with an insulated front compartment, 3 pockets, and a padded back and adjustable straps! Purchase: HERE

Who said you had to compromise fashion for function? Here are some of the best beach coolers that will have you strutting the sand in style, all while keeping your drinks ice cold!

Igloo 11 Qt. Tag Along Too Cooler | The Igloo picnic-style cooler combines the trustworthy function of Igloo coolers with bright, fun colors. The smaller size is perfect to bring along to a picnic, especially with the soft cross-body strap. Lid locks and an interior gasket prevent spills & leakage while Max Cold insulation will keep ice up to 2 days!

Business & Pleasure Premium Cooler BagThis cooler bag looks more like a weekend duffle than a cooler, and is so totally vintage chic. With vintage stripes, canvas straps, and leather accents, I can almost guarantee this will be the coolest cooler you see on the beach, and at a decent price, too! Made from premium beach umbrella fabric, this cooler is designed to withstand hot days with high UV indexes. While it’s not the most durable or long-lasting cooler, it’s perfect to bring your snacks and drinks to a pool day or for an Instagram-worthy beach day.

Budget-Friendly Choice: 

Packed Party Mad for Plaid 24-Can Soft Cooler Bag | This soft cooler bag has a 24-can capacity, a front zipper pocket, two mesh side pockets, and an adjustable/removable strap, all with the cutest, Lilly Pulitzer-esque prints! This cooler is the perfect budget-friendly option for a cooler that will keep your drinks cold and your accessories stylish and fun, perfect for any picnic, beach day, or more!

I hope these beach cooler recommendations help you find the best cooler for your next beach trip! If you’re looking for tips on planning your next beach vacay, I’ve covered several popular travel destinations on the East Coast, so be sure to check these travel guides out for family-friendly and girls-trip-worthy recommendations!

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