Top 11 Amazon Finds: October 2021

October 6, 2021

Amazon is a treasure hunt: if you look long & hard enough, you’ll find game-changing products, and they can all be delivered straight to your door! I did all of the work for you and found the best Amazon picks everyone is going to want. My non-negotiable criteria? Items had to be highly-rated, unique, high-quality, & practical. Below, are my top Amazon picks from October that you should  add to your cart now.

1. instax Square SQ6 Instant Camera: Purchase HERE  This instant camera comes equipped with color filters, five different shooting modes (for taking the perfect selfies, landscapes, and close-up photos), and other features for making your instant photos look even cooler.

2. NOONI Marshmallow Whip Maker: Purchase HERE. For folks with sensitive skin, this amazing lil device is next level. It turns cleansers and other beauty products into whipped foams that are gentler on your skin. It has over 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon! Plus it is only $7.

3. MAC Acrylic Lipstick Caps: Purchase HERE. MAC lipsticks are iconic, but if you’ve got several different shades like I do, it can be difficult to remember and find exactly the right color you’re looking for in a flash. These clear acrylic lipstick caps are designed specifically to fit on your existing MAC lipsticks and let you see the actual color of the product at a moment’s glance!

4. Lavender Hand Sanitizer: Purchase HERE  These hand sanitizers have long been my favorite recommendation for hand sanitizers for everything from Disney trips to gifts for your favorite frequent flyer. The lavender smell comes from essential oils and the spray sanitizer reduces mess on the go. A 6 pack is available for less than $20, so you can put one in every spot you need hand sanitizer!

5. 1040 Earring Backs: Purchase HERE If you’re anything like me, you love earrings, but are constantly losing the backs. Rescue your long-forgotten favorite pair of earrings with this pack of 1,040 earring backs in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles! Packaged in what is basically a toolbox for jewelry emergencies, you won’t have to hunt around your drawers to find your earring backs anymore!

6. Stackable Plastic Headband Holder: Purchase HERE If you’ve ever tried to shove a headband into a bag, bin, or drawer, you know that they can be so difficult to store and organize! The awkward shape and delicate construction makes them a neat freak’s nightmare, but no more with this stackable plastic headband holder! The acrylic cylinder can hold your larger hair tools like brushes and combs while storing headbands nicely on the outside. There’s even a smaller compartment to hold hair ties, scrunchies, or bobby pins.

7. Raised Dog Bowls: Purchase HERE Give your furry family member a dining upgrade with this elevated dog bowl situation. A bamboo stand holds two stainless steel bowls for food and water, making it easier for Fido to eat and drink, plus it gives a stylish touch to an often overlooked part of your home. There are multiple different sizes so you can customize it for your own dog, and the included mat also makes clean-up a breeze!

8. Scalp Care Hair Brush: Purchase HERE Are you giving your shampoo the best chance at working for your hair? I don’t know about you, but I love a good shampoo when I get my hair done at LARGO Salon, but this tool gives me the closest experience I can have at home. This shampoo brush has soft silicone bristles that help massage your scalp and get it super clean. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip in the shower, and the reviews will prove that this tool helps get rid of build-up and give you a better hair washing day result!

9. Glass Drinking Straws: Purchase HERE It’s always nice to have reusable straws on hand, and I love the look and function of these glass drinking straws. The pack of 8 comes with 4 straight straws and 4 bent straws, plus two straw cleaning brushes so your glass straws can stay as sparkly clean as they were the first day you got them! The size is perfect for drinks of any thickness, and will still fit into the lids of your favorite travel cups, with no metal aftertaste you would get from stainless steel straws.

10. Garden Tool Set with Basket: Purchase HERE Y’all know I’ve been loving keeping up with my potted plants and mini-garden on the balcony of our apartment in Charleston, plus gardening in our historic home’s yard. This garden tool set is the perfect thing to get any aspiring or enthusiastic gardener started. The 8-piece set comes with a wicker basket, a pair of gloves, a hand rake, weeder, transplanter, large trowel, hand cultivator, and pruning sheers. The basket itself is adorable, super easy to transport, and looks pretty on a porch while still providing essential function. Early Christmas shoppers – this is a great gift idea for the green thumbs in your life!

11. Gold Chip Bag Clips: Purchase HERE Who said your chip bags couldn’t have a bit of bling too? I’m sure we’re all familiar with the hodge podge of random bag clips that clog up the junk drawer, so these gold chip bag clips are a way to upgrade your snack station to something out of a home decor magazine. An 8-pack of clips is $14 and are actually functional – big enough to tackle your family-size bags and strong enough to keep your chips fresh!

If you would like to watch videos of these products, you can check out my Amazon highlight on Instagram here! 

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