Best Christmas Ornaments of 2022

October 13, 2022

I am always on the hunt for beautiful Christmas ornaments at a great price! This year I found a ton of adorable ornaments at Target. The trick to snagging Target ornaments is buying them early. Last year all of the good ones were sold out before Thanksgiving. I selected a few of my favorites and wanted to share them with you. These are all priced from $3 to $5. You have to purchase $35 worth to receive the free shipping but some allow free store pickup. I bought a handful for our tree this year and I absolutely love them. I think these Christmas ornaments are a perfect addition to your tree.

Best Christmas Ornaments of 2022

Ceramic Retro Christmas Tree Ornament

Go for a retro, meta moment with this Christmas tree ornament. With miniature bulbs of its own that light up, this ornament will bring back memories of vintage Christmas decor. The cute pastel pink tree will also add a fun pop of color to your decor!

Watering Can with Flowers Ornament

This ornament is perfect for the green thumbs, gardening enthusiasts, and plant moms in your life. The metallic red can has an element of traditional Christmas while the colorful bouquet keeps the ornament whimsical and fun.

Glass Rainbow Ornament

Bring in the sunshine during dreary winter days with this rainbow ornament. I love the glitter accents and multi-colored stars on the rainbow’s cloud! Perfect for a colorful Christmas tree.

Taco Christmas Ornament

If “Taco Tuesday” is a tradition in your household, add this taco ornament to your cart ASAP. The dominant color is the metallic golden tortilla, accented with brown, red, and green taco filling.

Slice of Pie Glass Ornament

This glass ornament is as sweet as cherry pie – literally! Vanilla ice cream tops a bright slice of cherry pie, with a dusting of glitter sugar for a decoration that looks good enough to eat.

Pink Truck Christmas Tree Ornament

The iconic pickup truck carrying a Christmas tree gets a Millennial pink update in this glass ornament. A flocked golden bottlebrush tree sits in the bed of this pink truck. It’s an oh-so-cute addition to any Christmas tree!

Fried Chicken Ornament

Fried chicken is a Southern staple comfort food. Honor your Southern roots and put a bucket or two in your Christmas tree with this ornament!

Fishing Pole Ornament

Outdoorsy shoppers and fishermen will get a kick out of this fishing ornament. Even if you’re not a huge fan of fishing, you’ll love the sweet details like a pink belly and glitter stripe on the fish.

Glass Pineapple Ornament

This pineapple ornament is an absolute necessity for our Christmas tree! Pineapple is the symbol of Southern hospitality for which Charleston is so well known. The bright yellow and green pop against the boughs of the tree. This is definitely one of my favorite ornaments of 2022!

Sushi Ornament

There are lots of food and drink ornaments on this list. They’ve been popular for a while, and I think it’s so fun. This ornament features two colorful sushi rolls and a pair of chopsticks. If you have a tradition of Chinese food on Christmas, it makes this ornament even more perfect!

Guitar Christmas Tree Ornament

Pay homage to your hobbies and talents with this guitar ornament! Silver glitter accents add whimsy while the brown guitar balances the other colorful ornaments on your tree.

Seagull Ornament

This seagull with a pipe ornament is one of the few on this list that isn’t glass. Made of soft fabric, this ornament depicts a dapper seagull with a scarf, hat, and pipe. The fabric adds another textural element to your Christmas decor, and I love the nautical feel of this cute bird! Birds are also having quite the moment when it comes to Christmas decorations.

Lemon Glass Ornament

Add a citrusy pop of color to your Christmas tree with this lemon ornament! Showing a half-cut lemon, this ornament is a rich addition to your colorful Christmas tree.

Sea Turtle Ornament

This turtle ornament is so cute. The green glass body is slightly transparent and decorated with shiny silver sequins and green glitter. He’s the perfect addition to a beachy Christmas decor theme.

Beer Can Ornament

Bottoms up! This novelty ornament depicts a colorful beer can complete with fake foam coming out of the top. Cheers to the season!

Coffee Pot Ornament

For a different kind of brew, pick up this coffee pot ornament! The glass pot is filled with shiny brown beads for a fun element of dimension and texture. It’s a perfect ode to your love of coffee.

Nutcracker Ornament

Bring this classic Christmas icon to your tree in miniature form with this nutcracker ornament. The wooden nutcracker is outfitted in a suit of white with gold glitter accents and a shock of white fluffy hair. Whether your Christmas tree decor is more colorful or neutral, this ornament will fit right in!

Ballet Slippers Ornament

Do you have a dancer in the family? Add this darling pair of ballet slippers to your tree. The fabric ballet shoes are tied together with pink ribbon and add a lovely pop of color to your tree. Even if you or your kiddos don’t dance, this ornament conjures up images of the Nutcracker ballet and is a cute addition to the tree.

Pink Retro TV Ornament

The pink Christmas ornament trend continues with this pink retro TV ornament! A hot pink TV frames a colorful scene of reindeer and snowmen to bring old-school charm to your Christmas tree.

Sardine Christmas Ornament

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas tree ornament, you can’t go wrong with this glass ornament of sardines in a can. Metallic red and gold adorned with silver glitter fit the traditional Christmas decor, while the actual shape makes for quite a conversation starter.

Christmas Sailboat Ornament

This sailboat ornament is so intricate and cute! A tiny red-and-white sailboat is decorated with a miniature Christmas tree, Christmas presents, and multi-colored lights. A burlap sail adds extra texture and fun to this ornament.

Camper with Christmas Tree Ornament

If you want to keep your Christmas ornaments neutral without sacrificing cuteness and fun, this camper van ornament is perfect for you! A white-and-gold Airstream-shaped trailer is topped with a verdant green Christmas tree for a touchy of wintry nostalgia.

Pink Van with Christmas Tree Ornament

Add more vehicles to your Christmas tree with this cute pink VW bus ornament. On top of the baby pink van is a gold bottle brush Christmas tree. This ornament combines classic Christmas images with an updated look and colors.

Green Ceramic Retro Christmas Tree Ornament

If you prefer to keep your ornaments classic, you can’t go wrong with this ceramic retro Christmas tree ornament. Like the pink tree ornament from before, this ornament has multi-colored bulbs that light up and a gold star atop the miniature tree. A bright green and white Christmas tree shape fits perfectly with any Christmas decor!

2022 Christmas Ornament Trends

Every year, it seems that Christmas decor has a distinct trend or two. While the classic red and green will always be popular, Christmas ornaments in 2022 seem to be taking a more whimsical, colorful approach! Novelty ornaments and colorful glass baubles have always peppered the racks of Christmas aisles, but now they seem to be even more popular.

Some of the common Christmas decorating trends of 2022 include luxurious mixed metals of silver and gold, and non-traditional color schemes like mint or pink. Fully decked out, perfectly matching trees decorated in red, green, and gold balls are out in favor of more kitschy, personality-filled trees.

These ornaments are great choices to add more personality and fun to your Christmas tree this year! Make it a family adventure and let everyone choose an ornament that’s special to them. Then, your decor will be as meaningful as it is beautiful.

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