Bolt Farm Luxury Treehouse

December 19, 2019

When I was little, I was in Girl Scouts and we used to stay at a camp in Florida that had treeshouses to sleep in. It is one of my favorite memories as a kid. When I heard about Bolt Farm Treehouse in Charleston, I knew I had to check it out. Sleeping in a treehouse as an adult? Heck yes. Sign me up! Bolt Farm Treehouse is the number one Airbnb in South Carolina.  It’s the perfect place to truly unplug and ditch the cell phone, especially since there is no wifi! Erik and I went to the treehouse and had no idea what to expect. Y’all this place BLEW OUR MINDS! These aren’t ordinary treehouses. They take “glamping” to a whole new level. The treehouse looked like something straight out of a magazine. Every detail was perfection. Erik and I loved making s’mores, cooking homemade pizzas on their outdoor grill, swinging in the oak trees, relaxing in the Charleston Bed Swing, and just unplugging from our chaotic lives.

The owners and designers, Seth and Tori Bolt, have two private locations. The original, Majestic Treehouse is located in upstate South Carolina and their four new, charming treehouses are located in Charleston. Each treehouse is fully furnished, equipped with a bathroom, electricity, and heater/AC unit.

Seth & Tori have such a cool story. The two met in 2015 when Tori, a news reporter at the time, interviewed Seth and his band at their concert. It’s safe to say that the interview went well because the rest is history. A year later, Seth and Tori got married and honeymooned at the enchanting Bolt Farm Treehouse in Walhalla, South Carolina, their upstate location. This original treehouse was built by Seth and his father with his honeymoon in mind, creating a truly relaxing and inspiring getaway.

“Our desire is that busy, modern people experience true soul rest when they stay in our treehouses, that they feel the peace of God in stillness of nature, and leave refreshed and with more perspective.”

Their luxurious and eco-friendly treehouses have been featured on Buzzfeed, Architectural Digest, and The Knot. People make reservations at the treehouses six months in advance. So if you’re craving a luxurious, rejuvenating getaway for the soul then you better book fast!

Photography by: Simply Korsun Photography 

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