24 Hours in Charleston

If you are in the Holy City for just one day, where should you go? I get this question ALL of the time. Charleston is absolute eye candy so wear comfy shoes, grab your camera, and follow my guide for 24 memorable hours in Charleston.

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10 Insta-Worthy Spots in Charleston

You won’t be able to resist snapping pics everywhere you go during your visit to the Holy City. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite Charleston insta-worthy spots.

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5 Free Charleston Activities

While it’s easy to spend a pretty penny in Charleston (hello, King Street), some of the city’s most popular attractions include free admission. It is entirely possible to enjoy a weekend or an entire week in the Holy City on a budget!

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Historic Charleston Snow Day

As 2018 reaches its final days, I was thinking about some of my favorite memories from the year. The rare snowy week in Charleston definitely topped my list. The Holy City was blanketed by its first substantial snowfall in years.

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