Charleston Home Exterior Paint Colors

September 3, 2019

Did y’all know that Sherwin-Williams has Exterior Historic paint palettes? The Sherwin-Williams Exterior Historic Palettes pay homage to key architectural styles throughout American history. It allows you to achieve a coordinated period look for the exterior of your home with these historically accurate paint color palettes for home exterior walls, trim and accents. When we purchased our home, we had to choose from the Sherwin-Williams “Colors of Historic Charleston” palette. These rich colors reflect Charleston’s worldly sophistication and Southern charm. One of the most important considerations for those who embrace the coveted Charleston style is color. Charleston is famous for its pastel colored homes and I wanted the house to have a coastal feel but still include a fun pop of color!

  • For the exterior pale blue-green color we selected Sherwin-Williams “Sullivan’s Island.” It is DCL019.
  • For the front door we selected Sherwin-Williams “Beach Flower.” It is DCL026.
  • For the trim we selected Sherwin-Williams “Charleston White.” It is DCR100.

Looking to paint the exterior of your own home? I put together my top tips and tricks as well as all the equipment and supplies we used here!

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10 thoughts on “Charleston Home Exterior Paint Colors

  1. What color is your roof?
    Found your site and painted my house the exact same colors and it looks great. Tons of compliments. Now need to redo the roof.

  2. I was looking through the SW site and couldn’t find the color Sullivan’s island. Did they change the name?

    1. It is one of their Historic Charleston colors. You might have to specify that when you go to the store. They have an entire brochure of the CHS Historic colors.

      1. I live in Indiana and our local SW store had no record of the CHS Historic colors, much less those mentioned in this post.

        Suspected that only the local Chs SW stores were given these options and I was correct. The Chs SW offered to share the formula with Ind location so I could get some samples mixed.

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