Colorful Bathroom Designs to Inspire You

March 18, 2020

Whether you want to go with bright colors, add subtle gold accents, or incorporate bold wallpaper, I’ve pulled together examples of colorful bathroom design to get you inspired. No boring bathrooms allowed!

When it comes to colorful bathroom design, the inspiration is endless. Whether you’ve finally had it with those powder blue subway tiles or the builder-grade cabinetry, there’s endless design inspiration to kick-start your bathroom remodel. Here are the top ways to incorporate bold, colorful design in your bathroom, from the lowest commitment level to the highest!

Quick Fix: Switch Out the Hardware

Not only is switching out your hardware easy and fairly cheap, it’s also easy to undo or change the next time you want to switch up your bathroom design. Currently, brass hardware and fixtures are all the rage! Brass finishes are still a great way to add a little luxe to your life. Brushed brass has a romantic feel and a subtle glamour that stuns against natural stone. I personally love adding brass pulls and faucets to a bathroom cabinet and countertop. Swap out builder standard knobs for something with a bit more class. If you’re a neutrals fan, brass is a great way to jump on the colorful bathroom design trend without overloading your palette.

Beyond brass, there are a ton of gorgeous cabinet pulls available for you to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to your local hardware store; Wayfair, World Market, and even Etsy all have beautifully unique pulls. Handblown glass, brass-crafted animals, and painted ceramics are just waiting to adorn your colorful bathroom.

Day Project: Get Out Your Painting Clothes

For a quick update, consider painting the walls (or ceiling) a bright hue. You can give your bathroom an inexpensive facelift with a gallon or two of paint. Who said a bathroom had to be neutral? Blues and greens are the obvious choices for a seaside or spa-like feel, but there are no limits! A light coral or bright yellow might be just the thing you needed to wake you up in the morning.

In such a small space, color might seem risky, but it’s just the opposite. On a small scale it’s easy to go bold without going overboard. If you’re not ready to take the plunge and paint your walls, consider what other elements in your bathroom could handle a coat of color. Some of my favorite colorful bathroom designs have taken vintage clawfoot tubs and given the outsides of them a coat of paint to tie in the rest of the room.

Full Remodel: Add Texture with Tiles or Wainscoting

You know that an easy way to update a bland space is to add texture or color, but what about doing both at the same time? If you’re ready for a full-on renovation, colored and patterned tile can help your colorful bathroom design stand out. Adding an interesting tile as a backsplash with dark paint or using ornate wallpaper in the entire space is creating a mood that people are loving because it’s unexpected. Colorful tiles in a shower or on the are a big commitment to whatever color or theme you choose, but it can pay off big time in terms of wow factor!

Another way to add color and texture to your bathroom? Wainscoting. That’s right, wainscoting is back! Some designers are using tiles as wainscoting, taking the tiles halfway up the wall and finishing it off with a decorative border. Traditional wainscoting is also an amazing look in a bathroom. Beadboard, raised panel, and board and batten wainscoting all offer distinct looks to your bathroom. Paint the wainscotting a fun color and pair it with patterned wallpaper for a colorful bathroom design that’s simultaneously vintage and totally updated.

My Favorite Colorful Bathroom Remodel

One of my favorite things on Pinterest is finding people who post the before and after photos of their bathroom remodels. It’s one thing to look at gorgeous spaces all day, but seeing the bones that they came from is even more inspiring! My favorite before and after bathroom remodel is this master bathroom reveal from Sugar and Cloth. For the most part, they kept their bathroom fairly neutral, with a white tub and sink, but warm wood accents in the counters and shelves completely brighten up the space.

The big stand-out feature in this bathroom is the ombre blue-toned tile across the floor. It’s a spacious bathroom, so the tile is definitely a prominent feature, but it all fits so nicely. There’s a great sense of balance in this colorful bathroom remodel, and it’s a great example of how adding color into your bathroom doesn’t have to be scary or garish. No one’s trying to repeat the pink bathroom fad of the 1950s, but I think it’s time to branch out a bit from the all-white bathroom styles of the recent years.

Whatever you decide to do with your bathroom, it’s clear that color and pattern are having big moments in interior design. As new products and styles keep developing, you can almost always find the right fit for your style and remodel needs. Whether it’s getting dirty with paint or putting up some peel-and-stick wallpaper or tiles, it’s easy to customize your space to create the colorful bathroom design of your dreams!

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