Favorite White Interior Paint Colors

December 22, 2019

It’s no secret that white walls are where it’s at. Grey paint is still a top choice but more and more people are jumping on the white bandwagon, myself included. When we chose colors for our James Island home, I went with all white walls. White walls are a blank canvas. You can incorporate as much color as you want through furniture and accessories. Aqua couch? No problem. Hot pink Society Social credenza? Bring it on. White walls allow you to easily change the mood and color of your space in just an afternoon. White paint may seem like the simplest choice, but when it’s time to pick up the paintbrush, the full spectrum of hues can be daunting. If you’ve ever painted a room white before you know that picking the right shade of white isn’t easy.  These are the white shades I reach for again and again:

Benjamin Moore | Chantilly Lace | OC-65

As delicate and refined as the lace it was named after, this crisp, clean white evokes images of pure silk, soft linen and simpler times. Chantilly Lace reads clean, crisp and simple. It is a consistent favorite among decorators because of its versatility and beauty. This is Benjamin Moore’s truest white with very slight gray and blue undertones. Honestly, if I had to pick one white color for an entire home, I would pick Chantilly Lace.

Pro Tip: I recommend Matte finish in the Aura line by Benjamin Moore.

Recommended by: Jacquelyn Clark

“My favourite white paint is Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace. It’s a really crisp, clean, white that works as beautifully on trim work, throughout an entire room, as it does as millwork. It’s my go-to for white kitchen cabinets and has yet to fail me.”

Kitchen with white paint color

Photo Credit: Studio McGee

Benjamin Moore | Super White | OC 152

A brilliant, almost sparkling white, this clean shade suggests clarity and simplicity. It is definitely a crisp bright white without yellow or blue undertones. Super White is the whitest of Benjamin Moore white paints & it really pops against any other paint color. Choose this white to brighten up and bounce light around a room without it starting to feel too modern or cold. Super White is my personal favorite for trim paint.

Pro Tip: DO NOT use this white on plaster or uneven walls because it will highlight any imperfections.

Recommend by Grant Gibson:

My new go-to white is Benjamin Moore “Super White.” I recently remodeled my house and painted everything in this brilliant, crisp white, with no creamy undertones, it highlights architectural detailing and makes artwork really pop.”

Photo Credit: Emily Henderson 

Photo Credit: Studio McGee 

Benjamin Moore | Simply White | OC-117

Simply White is a versatile and iconic soft white paint color with just a little bit of warmth, and looks great just about anywhere. It is quite possibly the most versatile of all whites. It’s a fresh, clean looking white without being stark and it has just a touch of yellow undertones so that it’s a warm white without being too creamy. It is especially nice on cabinetry and walls, but mixed with color as a nice trim and ceiling color as well. Benjamin Moore named it the “Color of the Year” in 2016.

Recommended by: Victoria Hagan
“Benjamin Moore Simply White is my go-to for a kitchen. It just feels right–not too cool, not too warm.”

Pro Tip: “Simply White” is not a true white. Because of it’s pale yellow undertones it is a very warm white. If you are looking for a true, standard pure white paint color DO NOT choose this one.

Photo Credit: Studio McGee

Trim Paint:

One of the questions I most frequently get asked is which is the best white paint color for trim and baseboards. A beautifully painted trim can highlight the architecture of a space, accentuate your wall color, and make a gorgeous wallpaper shine. When painting your trim, a satin finish hides imperfections MUCH better than semi-gloss. Not sure what color to pick for your trim or molding? My favorite trim colors are:

Benjamin Moore | White Heron | OC-57

White Heron is a cool crisp white with slight blue undertones and looks amazing with marble and cool gray finishes. Inherently sophisticated and endlessly versatile, make sure you use this white in bright spaces to prevent dingy gray corners.

Use with: Carrara marble counters, crisp grays, blacks and clean colors. The best granite is honed absolute black.

Benjamin Moore | Super White | OC-152

This color is white, very white! This is a bold, crisp, bright white that’s a bit less on the creamy side. This color is great if you are looking for a modern clean color.

Use with: It’s a great white paint color choice for a darker space, as natural light will bounce off it and completely brighten up the room.

Benjamin Moore | Decorator’s White | OC- 149

Decorator’s White is a brighter neutral white. I use Decorator’s White to instantly lighten up a space via the trim, interior doors and cabinetry and it compliments every wall color. It’s just a flash on the cool side without really showing any obvious color. This particular shade of white is a good option for trim colors when combined with grays. It’s calm yet bright and an “elevated” sophisticated white. Not too clinical, just a great backdrop for lots of styles. If you’re looking for the best white paint for trim, you can’t go wrong with Decorator’s White.

Use with: Decorator’s White is perfect if you wish to decorate with gray, charcoal or black.

Pro Tip: Sherwin William’s “Dover White” is the WORST shade of white for trim because it looks dirty.

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24 thoughts on “Favorite White Interior Paint Colors

  1. Thank for your article! It really helped me decide on what color to paint my whole house. Going with Chantilly Lace. The only confusion I still have is what do you paint the trim, doors, and ceiling. Are you suppose to paint the same color white but use a different finish to them? Or do you use a different white paint color.

    1. I actually used the same exact color in a different finish and it looks great!! I did eggshell on walls and gloss on trim.

  2. Love, love your site. Thanks to you I have chosen Simply white. My question is not sure which color for my trim, doors and baseboards? I do have quite a bit of sunlight in my house. Would you suggest a color for me please.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Love your site! Just bought a south facing oceanfront condo in the Boston area. Want to keep everything clean, crisp, modern and white. Would Chantilly Lace work for the walls with Super White semi-gloss or gloss
    Or would you suggest White Heron with Super White.
    Thanks so much-

  4. You would get to know about the favorite white interior paint colors. I enjoyed reading this article. It makes the work straight and easy for us. I like the way they have researched and presented it in front of us. Thanks for such wonderful content for all us.

  5. Is this a typo?
    “Dover White is the WORST shade of white for trim because it looks dirty.”
    It’s under ProTip for Decorator White.
    Did you intend to say “White Dove”

  6. Hi Charleston. Thank you for this article! I am having my entire house painted soon. I am planning to use super white on my ceilings, trim and doors. Will use dove white on my walls. Is this a nice combination? In my house, dove white looks like a pastel orange or yellow in some rooms and am thinking I probably won’t like it on trim. Also, I would like the flexibility to change the wall color in the future without repainting the trim and ceiling. What do you think?
    Thank you!!

  7. Hello! I am planning to paint my front entry, kitchen and family room gray owl. What white color would look best on my trim and kitchen cabinet?

  8. I want to make sure that my home is painted nicely, but I’m not sure what to do about it. It makes sense that getting the right shade of paint would be important! I wanted to have it be painted white, so I’ll be sure to compare the different shades of white paint. That way, I can ensure that my home ends up looking how I imagined it.

  9. What white color would look best in a sunroom. It didn’t get a whole lot of sun, sort of shady. Looking to brighten up the room. And what color trim to best compliment the walls?

  10. I am in a dilemma. I am moving into a new home that already has dover white trim that is newly painted. I am trying to avoid repainting the trim at least right now for a multitude of reasons, so is there any recommendation you have to help enhance and salvage the poor color choice? The house gets a lot of natural light, and I am aiming for a more neutral/warm white, definitely NOT any grey. But I am at a loss due to the trim color. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Please help!

    1. I have this same question Jordan. I have SW Dover White Trim (new home) and I want to change the walls from Anew Gray to some type of white. Curious what whites would play well with Dover White.

  11. Hi,
    Love Chantilly Lace. What trim color would you use with it?
    Also, want to paint our kitchen cabinets white. What color would you do? Love your page! Thanks so much

  12. I am currently painting my entry way, dining and living room white dove paint and trim. My style is shabby chic so most of my furnishings are white . I am looking to paint my kitchen cabinets white as well.The kitchen is located off the dining room and entryway but not an open concept. What color paint would you suggest for my kitchen cabinets? I am planning on using a quartzite for kitchen counters. Thanks so much

    1. If you have bright whites and neutral tones I would go with Chantilly Lace. If you have yellow or cream tones I would go with Alabaster.

      1. Please help!! My family room walls are Agreeable Grey SW. we are going to paint our kitchen with white uppers and black lowers, we are also painting our living room which is open to our kitchen. What color white and black should I use for my kitchen cabinets, and what color should I paint my walls and trim? My floors are a griege laminate flooring. I’m pretty sure I like the warmer tones. We painted the living room AG and I hate it, it’s too cool/grey in there, but I love it in my family room. Please help!!

  13. What primer would you use for the Chantily lace? Also, in your personal preference, what color trim paint would you put with it?

  14. Thank you for this article as it has helped greatly in the selection of whites for my new home! I’ll be using Decorators White for baseboards and Chantilly Lace for the great room walls! Now to pick a cabinet white!

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