Finding Your Tribe

April 1, 2019

Finding your tribe can be difficult. Establishing a genuine circle of friends that you connect with can feel like an impossible task. It’s taken us years to find a strong group of women who we can pour our soul into, and we’re grateful to call them our tribe! These are the people who recognize our strengths and help us amplify them. I believe that when you surround yourself with a supportive network, you can accomplish anything. Here are some of my tips on helping you find your tribe:

Allow yourself to be vulnerable

Discuss something you’re struggling with that you haven’t been saying out loud. The person sitting across from you might surprise you with their heartfelt attention. People who aren’t interested in lifting you up aren’t worth your time. Your tribe members are those you can allow into your life without shame. These are the people who keep you grounded and appreciate you for YOU.

Seek quality over quantity

It can feel wonderful to have a wide circle of friends, but it’s hard to build truly meaningful relationships with everyone. With our busy schedules and juggling responsibilities, we have to prioritize our closest relationships. Keep a small group of people who you regularly devote your time to and who are willing to give equal time back to you.

Allow yourself to be brave

Put yourself out there. Join a book club. Force yourself to say “hi” to the woman on the mat next to you at yoga class. Ask a coworker you rarely speak with to go to lunch. Chances are good that one of these women has also been searching for genuine friendships.

Practice mindful listening

Try to be fully present when someone is speaking. Notice their facial expressions and tone. Notice when you feel the urge to speak. Focus on what your friend has to say instead of steering the conversation in the direction you want it to go. Meaningful conversation is the foundation of friendship.

Be generous with yourself

It can be tempting to let the seemingly perfect lives we witness on social media set unrealistic expectations. Fight the urge to compare yourself to the surface level relationships you see online. There are real people living real lives on the other side!

Accept people for who they are

Everyone brings a unique approach to life. Be respectful of that and be open-minded to new ideas. While your friends should share your overall values, appreciate the benefit of a fresh perspective.

These tips have worked for me. I’d love to hear about your experiences! What do you look for in your squad?

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