Meet the Blogger: Franc & Eli

February 27, 2020

When Liz Elliott of Franc and Eli reached out to take part in my “Meet the Blogger” series, I didn’t realize just how much we had in common! We share a love for interior design, and while I’m working on renovating my North Carolina house, she and her husband are working on flipping 3 houses! Liz describes the kind of renovations she does in Charleston as “slow flipping.” They finished their first house completely by themselves, taking 4 years to complete the project. They’re currently a year into house number two and are also doing a faster flip of the house and carriage house next door.

Looking at the gorgeous designs she posts on her Instagram and blog, you may not know that Liz’s background is actually as an attorney. She now works part-time as a commercial lending attorney with a firm based in Silicon Valley while she turns her full-time attention towards her passion for interior design and lifestyle content.

The craziest thing to me is that we’re both Gamecocks and did our undergraduate degrees at the University of South Carolina, at the same time! We were both in different sororities at USC. Liz was a Kappa Delta, and all of my roommates were also Kappa Delta, but somehow we never met.

Regardless, I’m glad the Charleston blogger scene has brought us together. Liz’s modern bohemian style makes every space she styles look so chic, and I love her insights on clean beauty. It’s obvious she loves creating an online community as much as I do, sharing weekly pics from her #planteriordesign hashtag. Today I’m sharing Liz’s design inspirations and Charleston recommendations.

Meet Liz of Franc and Eli

Why did you start your brand and blog?

It started out as an Instagram account for my mom and I to share inspo. Her name is Francesca, and mine is Elizabeth; “Franc & Eli” is the first part of both of our names. Eventually, it grew into an amazing, supportive community and creative outlet for me, and from there it became a career!

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Most of my inspiration comes from nature, but I get inspiration from everywhere, often when I least expect it! I try to look at things differently or re-analyze everyday things.

How do you incorporate fun colors into your interior design?

I like to change things around often, so I try to keep my bigger/expensive pieces neutral and add in fun color with accessories like throw pillows, throw blankets, planters, and other smaller decor pieces.

What does it mean to you to be a female entrepreneur in Charleston?

It means having a wonderful support group of amazing boss babes! Since quitting my full-time job as a lawyer, I’ve had so much time and opportunity to connect with other female entrepreneurs in Charleston over the past year, and it has been so great! Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. It’s a really great community of ladies!

What’s your favorite piece of furniture in your home currently?

Wow, this is a HARD one! A few months ago I found a gorgeous antique buffet on the side of the road – I think that would have to be my favorite. I love the intricacy of the design, and it’s a really cool shape as well!

What kind of camera do you use and who is your photographer?

I’m my own photographer! I used to use a Canon 6D, but ever since I got the iPhone 11 Pro Plus, I pretty much use my iPhone exclusively. It honestly takes better photos than my DSLR!

If someone wants to enter the interior design space, what is one piece of advice you can share?

Go for it! Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to break the traditional design “rules”.

What is your favorite interior design book? What is your favorite coffee table book you use for styling?

This is another hard one. I’ve got an obsession with design books and coffee table books! My favorite interior design books are Erin Gates’ Elements of Family Style, Sibella Court’s Gypsy, Rebecca Atwoods’s Living with Pattern, any of the Suzanne Kasler books, and Inspire Design: 100 of the Most Important Designers of the Past 100 Years. I’m really excited for my friend Bari’s book, Bloom Wild, to come out this spring. Those all make great coffee table books, too.

In addition, some other fave coffee table books are Overview by Benjamin Grant, vintage used garden and design books from the ‘70s (you can find them on Amazon!), Reese Witherspoon’s Whiskey in a Teacup, and National Audobon Society field guides.

Local Love

Favorite antique store in Charleston?

I much prefer browsing Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and the side of the road for antiques. I enjoy the treasure hunt of sifting through people’s unwanted good everything myself, instead of browsing already-curated antique collections. I also love estate sales and yard sales! 

Favorite place to get decor in Charleston?

Celadon Warehouse and Amanda Lindroth

Favorite event space in Charleston?

Cannon Green

Best place to find a cute outfit in Charleston?

Beau & Ro

Favorite Charleston tourist attraction?

The graveyard of the Charleston Unitarian Church on Archdale Street. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS and one of my favorite places in the world. 

Favorite Charleston restaurant?

The Grocery

If someone is coming to Charleston for one day, what is the one thing they MUST do?

Walk the length of Tradd Street. Fun fact: It’s the only street downtown that spans the width of the whole peninsula! It’s a beautiful street with stunning homes and gardens, as well.

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