Our Front Entryway

November 3, 2019

When I first laid my eyes on this Society Social Pink Credenza, I knew I had to have it. I have a bit of a gold obsession and pink is my favorite color so this piece was a dream come true. But I quickly realized I had to convince my husband to let me buy it. For some reason he did not feel the same urgency to purchase a hot pink piece of furniture. A few months passed by and he finally caved. This beauty was coming home!

Next, I decided to shiplap the entryway. I wanted to leave the wall paint color white so that the pink piece would pop but I thought the shiplap would add a coastal vibe. We live on the marsh so I wanted to have that coastal feel without looking like a beach house you find on Air B&B. I think it did the trick.

Then it was time to decorate. I have been in love with the local artist, Danielle Cather Cohen, for a very long time. Her art fits my style perfectly. When I saw her  “Shem Creek” painting I knew it was the perfect piece to greet visitors in my home. The colors in the painting really complimented the other decor in my home and there were even subtle pink accents in the painting that pulled my color scheme together. Talk about a match made in Lowcountry Heaven!

Here are some of the other items we used to style the entryway:

Surf Shack
Chic Stays
Places to Go, People to See
Absolutely Beautiful Things

Blue Crab
Welcome Beads
Golden Bamboo Table Lamp
White Tray

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