Self-Adhesive Palmetto Wax Seal



Elevate your everyday envelopes and show off your South Carolina pride with this Palmetto embossed seal in a silvery sage color. The self-adhesive seals feature an embossed image of the Palmetto tree and crescent moon. Each pack comes with 8 seals, which have all the beauty of real wax seals, but none of the mess! Simply peel the back and stick to the envelope!* Roughly 1″ in diameter with organic edges, these gorgeous Palmetto wax seals are perfect for wedding invitations, thank you notes or anytime you want to add an extra level of style to your correspondence.

* The artist recommends hand-canceling your stamped envelopes before mailing with a wax seal in case the machine causes damage to the seal. Alternatively, place the wax-sealed envelope inside another envelope.