Quadruple Bunk Bed from Maxtrix Kids

December 23, 2019

When we started renovating our North Carolina vacation home, it was super important to me that Harper’s room really felt like a home away from home, and in any room, it’s no surprise that the bed is the most important part!

The home was built in the 1950s and is full of charm, but the rooms aren’t as large and symmetrical as the new builds we’re used to. Add in Harper’s request for bunk beds, and I knew I had a challenge in front of me.

Luckily, we were able to work with Maxtrix Kids to find a bed that fit all of our needs and made me feel good about the choice I was making. A local Charleston company, Maxtrix’s mission is to create quality children’s furniture they would have loved to have when they were kids. Combining European design sensibilities and years of experience in the furniture industry, Maxtrix created a line of children’s furniture that would grow with kids and stand the test of time. Maxtrix also has a Maxtrix Kids Rooms retail store that you can visit in Mount Pleasant. I love that extra touch you get with working with a local company.

One of my favorite things about working with Maxtrix was having a design team on hand to help me plan the space! I sent them the measurements and layout of Harper’s long, skinny room and they helped me narrow down the beds that would best fit the space. We eventually decided “The Wonderful” quadruple bunk bed, which has four beds and stairs with storage drawers. The four beds would give us plenty of space, the stairs work double duty as extra storage, and the design was perfect for the space and style of Harper’s room.

Quadruple bunk beds in boy's surf themed room

After our family trip to Maui this year, we wanted to bring some of those ocean and surf vibes into Harper’s room. The clean lines and white finish of the quadruple bunk beds complement the blues and natural tones throughout the rest of the room and make a statement on the long wall without taking up too much room. Now the room has really turned into a calming oasis that we know he will love for years to come. I think he will be able to grow with this design.

I wanted to invest in a bed that would last, and knowing that Harper’s a bit of a wild child, I knew I needed something that was built tough, too. Maxtrix Kids’ hardwood frame construction fit the bill; the furniture was solid! I love the solid wood drawer faces and high-quality English Dovetail construction. Safety is the number one priority for Maxtrix’s designs, and the processes they use in their dedicated factory are geared towards efficiency, resulting in industry-leading waste material reduction. With sustainable practices and a commitment to exceeding safety standards, I was confident in my investment for Harper’s room.

Plus, as parents themselves, the founders of Maxtrix Kids understand that kids need space, functionality and inspiration in their rooms to fully enjoy being a kid. They also know that a kid’s needs and preferences change over time, so they built their furniture within a modular system. Different design options and practical add-ons make it easy to change up the look and function of the furniture no matter what Harper needs as he gets older so the room will always be able to suit him. We might separate the bunk beds into two separate units, or even switch out the lower beds for queen-sized beds to give him some more room.

Boy posing with bunk beds in surf themed room

For now, the fact that we have bunk bed that sleeps four is a huge plus! It was important to me that the room is a comfortable and welcoming hangout space for Harper and his friends. Nine-year-olds adore sleepovers, and now we have the perfect way to handle any “extended” playdates with a quad bed that sleeps four. Even though we only have one kid, Harper’s cousins love to visit, so now we have plenty of beds for them and whoever else wants to come stay with us. The more beds, the better!

I was reluctant to buy bunk beds again because they can be a nightmare to make, and the idea of having to make four beds was daunting! If you’ve never gone through the struggle, imagine a two-person job involving some spread eagle yoga moves and a lot of sweating, and then repeating it three more times. During the room renovation, I decided to give Beddy’s a try, and they changed the bunk bed game. Having all the bedding in one piece simplifies the process so much, and since all it takes to make up the beds now is a simple zip or four, I was able to fully commit to this wall of bunk beds and give Harper his dream room. If you want to try Beddy’s I have a discount code you can use. Get 20% off with CHARLESTON20. Click here!

Now I know that no matter how many beds we use, or even if Harper sleeps in a different one every night, the beds will always look clean and sleek. The covers stay nice and crisp, which emphasizes the attractive slat design on the beds and gives me peace of mind that I won’t be doing any more bunk bed yoga to keep the room looking just as good as it does now.

Storage solutions are also crucial to keeping everything organized, especially in a smaller, narrower room like Harper’s. We chose the quadruple bunk bed with stairs specifically because of the storage drawer steps. Harper needed more storage, and this was a unique way to add more without taking away the aesthetics of the room. The drawers are the perfect place for him to keep his clothes, books and games. Everything’s really easy for him to use and get to, which is definitely a benefit. The superior quality and unique design of the bunk as a whole made Maxtrix stand out over other bunks we looked at.

The quad bunk bed from Maxtrix is priced at $2,999.99, but like I said, this is truly an investment for Harper’s room that will last for many, many years. Even if we change houses or designs, the beds are timeless and can accompany Harper through whatever he ends up needing in the future. This bunk also came with a dresser to store all of Harper’s clothes in, so when you compare the price to other bunk beds and buying a dresser separately, it all evens out. There’s also no guarantee that a separate bunk and dresser purchase would go so well together as Maxtrix’s designs.

Quadruple bunk beds in boy's surf themed room

From design to delivery, the bed buying experience with Maxtrix was great! The team was friendly and knowledgeable and the delivery was right on time. We opted to hire a delivery service to assemble the bed. They did a great job and it seemed like the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

I would 100% recommend Maxtrix beds to any moms that are looking to purchase kids’ furniture. Everyone is floored when they walk into Harper’s room and see the bed; it’s the first thing that they comment on! It is so fun and unique and Harper adores it. The bed fits right in with the room design. 

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