21 Travel Gifts Every Jetsetter Needs

January 6, 2020

Gift Guide for a jetsetter. Travel Gift Guide.

Shopping for someone who’s always on to the next adventure? Sometimes it’s hard to know what to get someone who loves to travel, so I’ve done the dirty work for you. The products in this list range from cheap essentials to luxury splurges, so no matter what your price range is, you’ll find a travel gift that they’ll love!

Here are my favorite first-class gifts for the frequent flyer on your shopping list:

Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack: My Favorite Bag for International Travel

I HATE having to pay to check a bag. This bag is the perfect solution. It is a backpack so it counts as a carry on. By traveling carry on only, you’ll save money on baggage fees and never waste your time standing around at the baggage carousel hoping your bag shows up. The Outbreaker Backpack can fit SO much stuff. It is like a Mary Poppins bag!  The design is brilliant because it packs like a suitcase and carries like a backpack. It opens up on top and zips all the way around, like a suitcase, so you can organize your stuff and quickly grab whatever you need. The Outbreaker comes in two sizes: 35L for maxing out international carry on limits and 45L for maxing out US carry on limits. The Outbreaker Backpack’s VX21 sailcloth fabric was originally developed for racing boat sails. The waterproof fabric will protect your clothes and electronics and is tough enough to never rip or tear. The best-in-class YKK zippers won’t break and give you additional weather protection. If you are looking for the perfect carry on bag for International travel, this is it!

1. Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

If you’ve ever experienced a long flight with a crying baby, you know that high-quality, noise-canceling headphones are an absolute necessity for any jet-setter. For years I used my Beats by Dre headphones, but I wasn’t a fan of the bulky case. These headphones have a flat case which makes them super easy to pack in my carry-on. I think the sound quality is superior to the Beats, too. They are surprisingly light, offer up to 15 hours of playtime to listen to your favorite playlist all flight long, come with ridiculously comfortable ear cushions, and have Bluetooth capability to connect to any device you’re using without having to worry about having the proper adapters.

To connect with in-flight entertainment without having to bring a separate pair of wired headphones, check out the AirFly Bluetooth Transmitter, which will allow you to connect your Bluetooth headphones to a wired audio output.

2. CALPAK Packing Cubes

I LOVE packing cubes, and these rose gold packing cubes from CALPAK are perfection! They keep things separated, folded, and compressed. This set includes exterior identification labels and a water-resistant pouch for storing items like swimsuits. I’m not the type of person to unpack my suitcase whenever I get to my destination, so packing cubes help me keep all my outfits and belongings organized so I can grab and go quickly and get back to my travel itinerary.

3. Slip Pure Silk Eye Mask

If you’re traveling through time zones, it can be difficult to get some sleep on a long-haul flight. Plus, you never know what the lighting situation might be when you travel and when you arrive. This silk eye mask from Slip will make sure you can get some much-needed beauty sleep wherever you are. The silk absorbs less beauty product and doesn’t produce as much friction on the sensitive skin around your eyes, preventing those strange sleep creases from forming while you snooze.

4. Kindle Oasis

E-readers are amazing for travel! Whether you’ve got time to kill on a train or just want some entertainment as you sit by the ocean, the Kindle Oasis is the best way to keep your books and magazines with you in a lightweight, travel-friendly way. The Paperwhite display looks like actual ink on paper, so the reading experience isn’t all that different from a real book, but unlike a real book, it only weighs less than a pound and is waterproof!

5. Flight 001 4-in-1 Universal Adapter

This clever Flight 001 Universal Adapter makes a perfect gift for the frequent flier. Compliant with 150 countries across the globe, this LEGO-looking contraption combines four different plugs into one tiny package. The colorful interlocking plugs match up to the accompanying color-coded map, making it foolproof to identify which plug you’ll need for any upcoming trip. The best part? It only costs $25.

6. Eve Lom Cleansing Oil Capsules Travel Pack

It’s so easy to slack off on skincare routines while traveling, but the Eve Lom Cleansing Oil Capsules with the Travel Case makes it easier to stay on track. The case comes with 14 of the capsules, which you can replenish as needed. The oil cleanser cleans your skin without stripping it of its natural oils so you’re left with a soft, hydrated feeling.

7. Olympus Pen-F

This is my favorite camera for traveling. The mirrorless aspect means that it’s lighter in weight than other similar high-quality cameras, but the interchangeable lenses and attachments make it versatile for great quality snaps on the go.

To keep the camera safe while traveling, I love Fotostrap’s leather camera straps. These straps are stylish yet personal, elevating your photography experience from the basic nylon straps that might come with your camera.

8. T3 Travel Blow Dryer & Straightener

If you’re not one to rely on hotel blowdryers (hit-or-miss), throw this foldable, lightweight one (it’s only 13 ounces!) in your suitcase as a backup. The micro straightener is also a great option to keep your strands sleek and straight on-the-go. Both appliances are suitable for 100-240 volts, so you can use it around the world as long as you have the right plug adapter.

9. The NorthFace ThermaBall Eco Packable Jacket

Traveling between climates can be challenging when it comes to packing. Layers are always a good idea, especially with how cold airports and planes can be, but what do you do with your jacket once you’re at your destination or if the weather suddenly takes a turn for the warm? This packable jacket from The North Face solves a bunch of those problems. The ThermoBall Eco insulation provides plenty of warmth and the jacket condenses down into an easily stowable pouch. Bonus: this jacket is great and stylish even when you’re not traveling!

10. Portable Charger

Between navigation and taking pictures, traveling can be a huge burden on your phone battery. Make sure your jet-setter is never out of reach with one of these portable chargers:

  1. The Anker PowerCore is compact and lightweight, providing enough power to recharge your phone several times. With a USB connection, you can use this power bank to charge any device with a USB cord. It slips into a pocket or bag easily for battery back-up wherever you are.
  2. Mophie Powerstation Plus universal battery comes with a built-in Lightning cable to keep your iPhone and other devices fully charged when you’re on the go. For instance, it can deliver up to 34 extra hours for your iPhone X. It has a Lightning connector so you can charge it using one of your existing Lightning cables. Plus you can place the powerstation on any mophie wireless charging pad or Qi-compatible wireless charger for recharging.

11. Final Straw 2.0

One of my 2020 goals is to use less plastic, and one of the biggest culprits is plastic straws! Final Straw’s solution is a packable, stainless steel straw. What I love about this option is that it folds up and fits in its own packing case, so you’re not left worrying if remnants of your drink will leak out into your bag. The case also includes a cleaning brush, so you can keep your straw clean as you travel.

12. Truffle Clarity Jetset Case

This travel case is the ULTIMATE in stylish carry-on accessories. The TSA-approved case is the perfect size to keep your liquids and travel essentials in and you can take it right through security without having to worry about a quart-sized plastic bag. The leather trim and gold details elevate this travel staple to a truly stylish piece all of its own and the clear panels make it easy to see exactly what you have.

13. Trtl Travel Pillow

Rather than wrapping around your neck like a donut and allowing you to rest your head on your shoulder comfortably, these scarf-style travel pillows actually keep your head propped up. The internal frame supports your head so you can snooze without nodding. When not in use, the pillow can be wrapped around the handle of a bag, and it weighs merely half a pound. No more walking around the airport with a foam pillow around your neck like some sort of peasant.

14. Pocketalk Language Translator Device

Take your travel to the next level with this device that allows you to communicate authentically with people who speak different languages. The Pocketalk Language Translator works in 133 countries with a built-in data plan that can translate in real-time up to 74 languages.

15. Allbirds Loungers

Allbirds’ sneakers are essentially slippers you can wear anywhere. They’re made with superfine New Zealand Merino wool, which manages to be temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, and so, so cozy all at once. The lounger style is easy to slip on and off for airport security and still looks stylish enough to wear with any of your outfits.

16. Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray

The Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray is perfect for an on-the-go gift. The 2 oz. bottle fits TSA guidelines and I love the spray instead of the traditional liquid. This keeps any potential spills to a minimum, and you always know how much you need. It can be difficult to stay completely germ-free when you’re traveling, but this sanitizer is at least a step in the right direction. Plus, I love the more natural scents like peppermint and citrus!

17. Vita Liberata Tanning Cloths 8-pack

Didn’t have time to hit the beach before your vacation? Bring these tanning cloths with you to keep your skin golden. The tanning formula is infused into these cloths, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or TSA liquid guidelines, and the colorless formula means there’s zero risk of transfer.

18. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

It’s so easy to snap a photo on your camera or smartphone now, but it’s equally easy to become obsessed over getting just the right shot. An instant camera like this Fujifilm Instax takes the pressure away from photographing travel memories. Harper has the most fun with this, and it’ll give a dose of nostalgia to those of us who remember when Polaroid photos were the only way to capture those memories!

19. Nomatic 40L Travel Bag

This travel bag can carry and handle just about anything! There’s pockets for your shoes, liquids and tech, and it’s TSA-ready so you can leave your devices in your bag and breeze on through security. All the pockets mean you can actually fit more in your bag, and see it all, too! With Nomatic’s revolutionary strap system, you can easily switch the bag from duffel to backpack to go from the plane to the streets with ease. I also love how durable this bag is. Waterproof materials and solid construction means I can trust this bag will hold up to whatever I put it through.

20. Travel Mirror

STEAL: Makeup Mirror with lights– For $31.99 this travel mirror is an absolute steal. Simple yet elegant, with a sleek white finish. It includess 72-LED soft halo lighting & 10x magnification. It also has three lighting options: white, natural, and yellow. The mirror can be powered through the USB cable provided with the mirror, or by 4 AA batteries (not included). It is lightweight and compact and will easily fit into handbags.

SPLURGE: Riki Skinny Mirror-If you’re traveling for an event, you might want to make sure your makeup and hair is the best it can be. Carrying your own mirror will prevent any last-minute realizations of terrible hotel room lighting or inaccessible mirrors. This lighted miror is super thin and folds down to fit into a carrying case you can buy separately.

21. Chomeiu Travel Makeup Case

This travel makeup case is big enough to hold even the most beauty-obsessed traveler’s collection. I love the soft dividers that keep all my products organized without needing to fit into rigid compartments. Zippered pouches and brush holders keep everything easy to access and ready to zip and pack at a moment’s notice.

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