Vintage Boy’s Bedroom Inspiration

August 5, 2019

In our James Island home my interior design style was very modern with lots of fun bold colors. Now that we are looking at historic homes I am going to have to switch things up a bit. I’ve been searching for cute boy’s rooms with a vintage flair. A lot of the homes we have looked at are pretty tiny. Most of the rooms are on the smaller side so I have to be really conscious of what we put into the space so Harper still has room to move and play. I actually feel like smaller rooms are almost meant to be styled in a vintage fashion. When the tiny size is combined with old-fashioned elements, the entire space gets a cozy atmosphere that feels like their own personal little nook.

As you can see a lot of these rooms have white walls (my personal favorite). Thanks to its “blank canvas” quality, a bright and airy all-white bedroom gives you the ability to add a bright and colorful vintage element or two and watch them define the tone of the room. Harper craves variety and can’t get enough of bright colors, so I love to scout the local antique shops &  flea market to find the best unique pieces. I think the first piece I am going to focus on is his bed. I love the idea of painting a vintage bed. I can’t decide between red, tangerine, navy, lime green, or white. What do you think will look best?

Take a look at these magical vintage kids rooms and get inspired!

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