Wedding Day Accessories

October 28, 2019

By: Emma Katzka

Choosing your wedding day accessories can seem overwhelming. With so much hype around choosing “the dress,” no one ever talks about how difficult it can be to choose accessories that complement but don’t overwhelm. As the owner and designer of Emma Katzka Bridal Accessories, I’m here to give you some guidance and general rules based on your dress style to keep in your back pocket for when it’s time to do the picking. But don’t forget; a little rule-breaking is OK too!

1. The Minimalist: Whether you’ve chosen something crisp and form-fitting, or soft and flowy, a minimalist dress makes the perfect blank canvas for accessories. Keep it chic and understated with a simple vine dotted with something sparkly. Or, consider going for something that makes a bold statement, like a crystal comb or crown for a daring splash of edginess.

2. The Romantic: Nothing makes me happier than a bride ready to embrace her inner romantic. Lace dresses, any gowns with floral nods, and dresses with girly tulle exude romance. For your accessories, think warm, feminine materials like pearls, gold, and blushy stones, and go for floral elements and leaves. Vine-inspired headpieces work perfectly; or, go more delicate with a few sprigs.

3. The Vintage Lover: Vintage-inspired dresses deserve vintage-inspired accessories to match. You can evoke that same vintage look with baguette-shaped stones, lots of draping, and even unconventional materials like opals and colored gemstones. Veils also complement vintage looks so naturally, like our Leila veil with art deco combs.

4. The Bohemian: Of all of the trends that have taken hold of the bridal industry over the last few years, the most enduring one is without a doubt the bohemian trend. My personal favorite, the bohemian vibe can include dresses with lace, macramé, or fringe, and fun silhouettes like an off-shoulder neckline or a feminine empire waist. I love to pair these dresses with a more organic accessory look that hints back to nature, and there’s nothing better for that than quartz! An understated quartz crown is my go-to choice, although statement earrings dripping with natural stones can also do the trick.

5. The Glamour Addict: Addicted to all things sparkly? Great, so am I! If your gown is dramatic or blinged-out, don’t let that stop you from packing on the glam with your accessories. A big ballgown looks great with a glittering bridal sash or a bold rhinestone bangle. The tiara trend is also happening in full force, and there are so many options that evoke royalty without looking too literal. When else but on your wedding day can you dress like a queen?

Whatever style you choose, always go with what feels true to you – the most important thing is to look and feel like your best self on your wedding day!

Photography by: Rachel Red Photography

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